Fantasy Gameplan: Week 1 Fantasy Football Picks, “Start Your Studs”

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Fantasy Gameplan Podcast Episode 4

Matt and Leo have returned with another episode of the Fantasy Gameplan podcast, which starts with an awkward reunion after Leo may or may not have made some comments about Matt on the last episode of the show.

Once things are settled, the guys talk about auction draft strategy, and tell you their thoughts on the “other” draft format for fantasy football.

Then the rest of the episode is spent taking your questions, answering queries about T.Y. Hilton, player evaluation, and quarterbacks who “could” be top-12 this year.

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Fantasy Gameplan Special Episode: Late Round Quarterback with JJ Zachariason

JJ Zachariason of and joins Leo for a special edition of the Fantasy Gameplan podcast, and they go into JJ’s well-known fantasy strategy, late-round quarterback.

What influences JJ’s decision to draft his quarterback late, and how did he come up with the idea for this seemingly contrarian strategy?

The guys discuss bust rates, quarterback replaceability, streaming the “onesie” positions and more.

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Episode 3 of the Fantasy Gameplan Podcast

Matt and Leo return with another episode of the Fantasy Gameplan podcast, and this time they’re going head-to-head on the topic of taking a tight end early.

Matt has his thoughts on why Jimmy Graham is a worthwhile first round pick, while Leo has math that says he isn’t. Who do you side with?

The guys also talk about some mid-tier quarterbacks, which ones they trust, and which ones are good values at their current ADP.

All of that, plus injured players, 32-team fantasy leagues and more in this episode of the Fantasy Gameplan podcast!

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Fantasy Gameplan Podcast, Episode 2: Preseason Observations, Deep League Strategies

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Matt and Leo are back with another episode of the Fantasy Gameplan Podcast. In this edition, the guys discuss what they look for in preseason games by taking a look at the Hall of Fame game and considering what they took away from the matchup.

Do the guys buy into Andre Williams’ hype? Is Sammy Watkins a bust? (Spoilers: Probably not.)

The guys also discuss deeper league strategies, and how being in a league with more teams impacts how they approach a draft.

And finally, they take the time to answer your questions, discussing sleeper tight ends, running back strategies, and more.

We’re Doing This: 32-Team Fantasy Football League Underway, Sign Up Now!

A Twitter conversation turned into a trip to MyFantasyLeague, and before you know it…

I’m going to be commissioner of a 32-team fantasy league. And you should be in it.

I haven’t decided on every single rule just yet, but that will come in time. And you can help decide some of the rules when you sign up.

Send an e-mail to if you’re interested, and answer the following questions:

1. Would you like for this league to involve setting a starting lineup every week, or simply taking the best scores from your roster?

2. Would you like for trades to be an option in this league?

3. Would you be willing to chip in to cover the cost of the host (MyFantasyLeague) as no free site will accommodate a league this big?

4. How many teams do you think should make the playoffs in this 32-team league?

Send those responses to and I will pick 32 people (I may favor people I already know/people in the industry as paying attention in this league will be very, very important.)

The draft will be a slow draft, held over e-mail, since getting 32 people together for a live draft would be impossible. MFL is great for slow drafts, though.

UPDATE: Based on overwhelming response, the “Trades” question is now a definitive “Yes.” and the “playoff teams” question will be to mirror the NFL.